Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

This guy is really ridiculous! He is such a loser, it is hard to believe that there is a bigger loser out there. He is not even a man - he is nothing more like a dog! And to show everyone that he is a dog he has to wear this collar. But the collar's color is well chosen: Pink! This further shows everyone that he is not a man! But Miss Annalieza still wants to humiliate him even further! And so she starts to slap his face and box him!

Sibilla and Eileen have taken a poor loser into their special torture chamber. The room is dark and there is no escape for him. He sits on a small leather chair and awaits his punishment. He was a very bad boy and they have to take care of him. To show him that he is a useless piece of shit they slap him into his face and humiliate him with some words!

Maskjoe has no chance! Goddess Gloria wrapped him in a plastic film. Totally covered he cannot move anymore and has to lay down on the bed. This is exactly the position Gloria likes. She can sit down on his body and slap his face again and again without any possibility for Maskjoe to protect himself. He seems to be like a mummy - but still can feel the pain of every single face slap!

Mandy is a really cruel and sadistic lady. She is a store manager in a local shoe and fashion store. And she knows what to do with lazy employees! This one seems to be very lazy and also a foot fetishist. She decides to show him immediately that this cannot be tolerated. With her hands she hits him in his face, again and again. She also uses a whip and humiliates him verbally!

The money mistress is really angry! Her pay pig has to give her more cash but he seems to have no more money. She is so upset that she starts to slap him right into his face! He has to knee on the ground and tell her that there is no way to give her more cash - she already has everything from him! But she wants even more and so she takes his credit card and hopes that the limit will not be exceeded... If not she will come back and hit him some more times in his face!

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