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Mistress Lyla has no time for tiny dicks. She only messes with big ones and unfortunately for this guy, his was on the smaller side. But he had a huge ego so he tried to seduce her even after she told him she only liked big dicks. He claimed he had one so they went back to her house. When she found out he had a small one, she rained hard slaps on him and told him his huge ego could not make up for his tiny dick.

This mistress does not like being lied to. This guy had promised her something but was not able to deliver on the same. She was pissed and she had to make sure that he got his punishment. And his punishment came in the form of slaps. Hard slaps for that matter and she made sure they were so hot and so hard that they bruised his face and that he would never lie again.

When Jorita is bored, she tempts her slave and tortures him. She calls him into the room and walks around in her lingerie. She watches him watch her before she starts the real game. She slaps him hard. She keeps slapping him until he falls over. When he is down, she is happy to put her high heel shoe in his back and tell him what kind of a wimp he is.

When Mistress Rachel and Mistress Genevieve decide to punish their slave, they take him down into the basement. They strip his shirt off and bind his arms to the overhead beams. These beauties that turns slapping his face as hard as they can, telling him how disgusting he is. They enjoy watching his face turn different shades of red under the force of their blows. The harder they slap him, the more they want to slap him.

Come here you loser slave. You must take a brutal faceslapping from hot dominating slut Iveta. She asks you to come closer and, as you lean in, she brutally slaps your face. She puts on some vinyl gloves but not before she smacks you with those too. When the gloves are on, she hits you with even harder faceslaps until you are completely humiliated. You are her helpless slave and you will stay that way.

Miss Lori and I took this slave to find out if he really can stand as much pain as we heard. We tied his hands so he is defenseless and then started the action! We slap his face again and again. With each slap his face turns even more red! But faceslapping isn't the only thing we have done! We also used his mouth as an ashtray! And with our fingers we destroyed his sensitive nipples... This was so much fun! :D

Do you ever heard about Mite? Sibilla and her friend Maria did! He was a nice human carpet and now the girls want to find out for themselves what they can do with such a submissive slave! Sibilla and Maria joined us long time ago but since today they never had the opportunity to play with him but this will change now! They handcuffed him and now he is completely defenseless. Next they start to slap his face and the action begins...!

This slave is so disgusting! We don't like him and we are willing to show him! He is bound on a chair and cannot move anymore. He believes he is a tough guy or someone important - but we show him that he is nothing more than a loser! We verbally humiliate him and hit his face again and again with our hands! I'm sure this way we taught him a lesson he will never forget...!

Lady Svenja is hot and sexy. And she likes to wear nice underwear to show her hot body too! The guy had to agree that she is allowed to bind him on the chair just to prevent him from trying to touch her! It was worth the price...! But now he realizes that he has another problem! Lady Svenja wants to slap his face and he has no chance to stop her!

Maskjoe has no chance! Goddess Gloria wrapped him in a plastic film. Totally covered he cannot move anymore and has to lay down on the bed. This is exactly the position Gloria likes. She can sit down on his body and slap his face again and again without any possibility for Maskjoe to protect himself. He seems to be like a mummy - but still can feel the pain of every single face slap!

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