Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

I know that redhead Lisa Laudarum is beautiful, but you better not stare for too long or your punishment will be much worse. As it is, she is going to dominate you and humiliate you with hard faceslaps until your loser face is red. You are defenseless against her brutal slapping torture and there is no escape. She will whip you like a dog and there is nothing you can do but sit and take it.

Alice is one sexy teacher because she is teaching domination to three high school girls in uniform. She orders her bald slave to fall to his knees so she can teach the girls how to slap him until his face is red. Schoolgirls Alex, Teodora and Sibilla learn fast and dominate this slave with continuous and very hard faceslaps. It's painful and Alice teaches them that painful is good and they all get an "A".

Oceana and Saphira are two very sadistic and cruel dominating sluts who put their slave through painful torture by brutally beating him. They punch and kick him and laugh at his humiliation. They whip their poor slave until he can barely move. He is their victim and that is all his is good for to them. He is helpless as they kick him repeatedly and show him what true pain is.

This is your unlucky day slave. Empress Victoria is pissed off and she is going to take it out on your face. You will be helpless as this sadistic and dominating mistress hits you with continuous faceslaps until your loser face is red. If you try to cry or escape she will slap you harder so you better take your punishment and painful slaps like a man. She will teach you a lesson you won't forget.

Sibilia and Emily are hot and sexy in their tight black outfits, but they send fear through the heart of this loser slave because he has to take their punishment. They handcuff his hands behind his back so he is defenseless and begin the cruel faceslapping. They yell insults at him and humiliate him as they continue to slap him hard in the face. These girls are very sadistic mistresses.

This hot brunette was shopping for shoes and this loser tried to look up her skirt. The hardcore slapping, kicking and punching came next and this guy had no chance. The moment he recovers from one punch, she punches him again. This loser will think twice before trying to sneak a peek in fear of another sadistic brunette beating him up and dominating him again with a barrage of punches and kicks.

Come here you miserable puke of a slave. I'm Gia Gold and I'm going to teach you a lesson with some extreme faceslapping. This is your punishment for being a loser so shut your red face before I smack it again. I will slap you so hard that your slobber will fly against the far wall. I know it's painful and I don't care. Let this be a lesson to you for being such a loser.

Three sexy and dominant sluts in tight black catsuits chain their slave and put him through a world of punishment. They each take turns with some painful faceslapping. There is no escape for this loser slave as his face and neck get more and more red from the constant barrage of slaps from these sadistic sluts. Emily, Eileen and the new girl Sibilia get off on the humiliation of their slave.

Marilyn catches her nasty little pervert slave sniffing her stockings so she deals out some serious punishment. She stretches the stocking over his head and pulls it tight until it almost chokes him. Then she start pummelling him in the stomach with her high heel boots. She orders him to keep his hands above his head so he can feel the full force of her kicks. She dominates this loser like she owns him.

Fernanda is a hot blooded girl so you better try that you won't upset her! She is a sexy and cute schoolgirl though but you have to try hard to catch her attraction. This time you have failed poorly! She is so upset that she wants to do only one thing: To slap your face and punch you until your face turns red! But her hands are not the only weapons she likes to use: she also takes her ballerinas to slap your face!

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