Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Princess Serena has her slave in between her legs but not in the way that he wants to be. She has her feet on his head and she's about to show him his place. She makes sure to grind in with her hard soles before moving to get her hands in on the action. She gives his face a few slaps and takes off her shoes. Then she slaps him with her naked feet, leaving the smell of her sweat on his cheeks.

Lady Missy and Lady Chrissy are using their slave together and they're not going to be letting him got off very easily at all. He needs to learn his place. They get him on his knees and start slapping him right in the face while their friend smothers another slave on the floor with her stinking pussy and sweaty asshole. Both slaves are going to remember everything from this day.

Mistress Alektra and Mistress BlackDiamoond are together with their slave and they're going to torture him for as long as they can. They attach him to the cross and start spitting into his face and slapping him until he can't anymore. They let him get down on the floor but continue beating him to make sure he never forgets the lessons that they're trying to teach him before locking him away in his cell.

Lady Betty and Bertie have gotten together with their slave to give him a night that he'll never be able to forget, no matter how hard he tries to. They get him on his knees in the bathroom and make sure they're wearing leather gloves. They turns sitting in front of him and spit huge gobs of phlegm right into his face. They follow that up by slapping him over and over again.

Bea, Beth and Misty have all gotten together to torture one slave with their hands until their arms get tired from slapping him over and over again. They have him down on his knees with a collar around his neck so he can't get away. They start letting their hands fly right into his face. They all take turns working around in a circle causing him a lot of pain.

Sara has ordered her slave to to kiss her high heels before she takes them off so he can worship her sexy naked feet, but he's not doing very well. She's very unhappy with the way that he's going about his duties and she's going to let him know that. She leans forward and starts slapping him over and over again right in the face to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Gaia has her slave locked in a stockade and she's going to teach him the lesson that he needs to learn in order to serve her like he should. She bends down to his level and lets her hands fly all over his stupid face. She slaps him over and over again while her moans in pain. She only stops long enough to spit on him and insult him.

Venus Vendetta has a goal to reach today and she's going to be using her slave's stupid face to make sure that she can hit it as fast as possible. He's going to be getting a hundred slaps right to his face whether he likes it not. It's not clear why she gave herself this goal, but she's going to carry it out by unleashing her hands all over his cheeks.

Mistress Narziss Labelle has her slave on his knees and his face right in front of her hands. She's not going to let the opportunity go to waste at all. She winds up and lets her palms fly right into his to slap him across his cheeks. Then she lets loose with both hands and just goes back and forth until her arms get tired and she gets bored of hurting him.

Emily Jones is using her slave as a foot stool. She doesn't really care whether he likes it or not, but she has other things in store for him is he doesn't. She takes her feet down and gives his face a few good slaps to get his blood flowing and his cheeks red. Then she forces his mouth open with her fingers and spits right inside of it, ordering him to swallow it.

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