Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Mistress Joss and Misty had a bone to pick with this loser. He had lied to them and they had lost money because of his lie. They wanted him to make it alright by giving them back the money they lost because of his lie. He did not agree so they slapped him hard and punished him to make him give them the money and by the time they were done with him, he did.

Mistress Betty caught her slave with nude pictures of other girls and she was mad. She knew the next step was for him to cheat and she did not want to be around when that happened. She broke up with him but not before she had taught him a lesson. She slapped his face as hard as she could and blinded him for a couple of seconds. She then spat on him and left his sorry ass.

Mistresses Sonny and Britney found this loser disrespecting the old lady who lived across the street. They liked her and could not stand her being disrespected. So they rushed over there and dragged the guy into the old lady's house and they slapped the shit out of him as the old lady watched. They forced him to do her chores and to apologize to him and even give her an allowance before they let him go.

This mistress is no nonsense and likes things that way. She does not take crap even from her own man. Today her man messed up by forgetting to pay the mortgage and she slapped him hard. She did not want him to ever forget something as important as that and she made sure he would not by slapping him brutally. He was tied to the chair and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend discovered their slaves were plotting to rob from them. They had to fire them but not before they punished them. The mistresses forced the slaves to kneel down and they rained heavy and hard slaps on their faces. The slaves were in a lot of pain but the mistresses were not yet done. They made them blow and sit on a huge dildo they had bought for them before letting them go.

Mistress Emily and her friends JJ and Angel were tired of being passed when it came to promotions and having less qualified people than they were being promoted and becoming their bosses. They decided to quit and start their own practice but before they did that, they had to give their boss a piece of their mind. They made him kneel down and slapped him brutally. His hands were tied to his back and he was helpless.

Mistress Gaia likes to let her slave make several mistakes so that she can punish him in one go. Today was the day she was going to punish him and she did so painfully and cruelly. She tied him into a latex bodybag and she made sure he was defenseless. She then slapped him brutally as she sat on his chest. He could not do anything and had to brave the painful slaps.

Lady Betty was bored in the house and was looking for something fun to do. She had a slave alright but she was not one of those who was used to beating a slave. But she saw online that it could be fun to slap and spit on a slave and since she did not have anything better to do, she decided to do it. She went to his room and spat on him and slapped him painfully. It was a nightmare for her but she had fun.

This mistress does not like weak guys. She had to toughen up her boyfriend because he was like a sissy. So she surprised him with slaps and trampling. She landed hot and hard slaps on his face and warned him not to touch his face or make a sound. She told him it was for his own good that she was doing it and that she wanted to make him a real man.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves slapping more than anything else. When stuff got lost in her house, she knew who to ask. And when she asked him, he denied any knowledge of it. She had to punish him because it was either he was careless and lost them or he is the one who had stolen them. She made the slave kneel down and she slapped him as hard and as brutally as she could till she got her answers.

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