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When mistress Phoenix warned this guy not to mess with her, he thought she was joking. She was dead serious and he realized that when she slapped him hard. He was in a lot of pain. The kind of pain he had never been in before. The loser was in a lot of pain but he could not do anything except try to endure the pain she threw his way.

When this mistress learned that her slave had messed up the assignment she had given him, she knew she had to punish him to teach him a lesson. She did not punish him the usual way. She wanted this to be a surprise so she grabbed his hair as she slapped him brutally. He was in a lot of pain and his face was red by the time she was done with him.

Mistress Bea wanted her slave to learn that he was the slave and that he was supposed to do whatever she wanted. It was not up to him to decide. So she punished him cruelly using slaps to send the message home. She made him kneel down and she forbade him from touching her face as she slapped him. Each slap that landed on his face sent the message home.

This mistress wanted to get some secrets from this loser. She knew he had what she wanted. So she teased him with her banging body. She has big tits and she had a sexy ass. She teased him and he fell for her trap. She took him home and after teasing him for a bit, she asked him what she wanted to know. He did not tell her. She stopped teasing and slapped him brutally leaving him with a red face. The pain made him tell her.

Mistress Stella and her friends were tired of this professor. He was unfair to them and there was no justifiable reason. They later learned it was because they were hot and he wanted to fuck them. He was looking for a way to subdue them and make them to do what he wanted. But they are no ordinary girls. They invited him for some fun but found out it was fun to them not him. They slapped the shit out of him and warned him against being unfair to them.

Mistress Candy and her friend mistress Drew wanted to toughen their slave. He was a bit of a sissy and they wanted him to be a man. So they used pain to trample and punish him. The mistresses made him endure their painful and hard slaps. They did it together and it was worse than he could have ever imagined. It was the worst pain he had ever felt in his life.

Princess Bertie was not happy with her slave because he did not keep the house as clean as she wanted it kept. She punished the slave for it by trampling him and slapping him as hard as she could. She slapped him hard and repeatedly on the same spot till he begged for mercy and promised never to take anything for granted and to always make sure the house was as clean as she expected it to be.

Mistresses Sonny and Britney found this loser disrespecting the old lady who lived across the street. They liked her and could not stand her being disrespected. So they rushed over there and dragged the guy into the old lady's house and they slapped the shit out of him as the old lady watched. They forced him to do her chores and to apologize to him and even give her an allowance before they let him go.

Mistress Gaia was practicing for an upcoming slapping competition and she wanted to win it. She went and got herself a slave who she enjoyed slapping as hard as she could. She tied him up so that he could offer as little resistance as possible. Then she descended on his face with her brutal hard slaps and left him in a lot of pain as well as with his face all red.

Madame Madison and her friend Virginia wanted to prove to this guy that he was nothing. He was too full of himself and looked down upon other people. They were sick and tired of his behavior towards other people and they decided to teach him a lesson. They tied him to a bar stool and they slapped the shit out of him. They slapped him repeatedly and by the time they were done, he was crying like a girl.

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