Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Mistress Black Diamond is going to really have a great time slapping the shit out of her slave. She plans on making him cry when she slaps him and also enforcing that he is nothing more than a pile of shit to her. Mistress Black Diamond is a mistress that loves to be brutal and so aggressive when she decides its time to fuck her slave up.

Sibilla is a great mistress that can do almost anything to her slaves. She is going to have a great time making sure her slave is brutalized. Her slave has always been this idiot and her lawyer in real life, but when he loses a case - she is going to be livid. pissed off. Sibilla will beat the shit out of her slave and make him pay.

Saphira and Jenny are two mistresses that love to face slap. They are going to really slap the hell out of a slave boy that has been on their nerves for quite some time. These two mistresses can really get going, and slapping is just the tip of the iceberg for them. The slave has no choice but to endure the slapping and humiliation from them.

Mistress Black Diamond and Lady Mistique are two mistresses that love to slap the shit out of slaves. They have always had a good time making sure a slave is slapped, and they are going to be sure the slave they have is handled well. These mistresses are going to really get down and dirty when it comes to slapping a slave well and making him cry.

This dominant mistress has nothing on, but sexy, see-through lingerie as she punishes her slave with hard and intense faceslapping so she can get off on his humiliation. She thinks about all the things in this world that make her angry and take it out on her slave in the form of painful faceslapping. You can hear the slaps echo as she brutally beats his face with her hands until he almost cries.

Emily, Gia, Jovana and their friends Hadley and Stacey are five super hot brunettes who put on sexy body stockings and knee high black boots so they can look good when they team up to punish one slave. One of them could easily beat him senseless, but they would rather team up to multiply the pain and humiliation by making him endure painful and repeated faceslapping punishment until he can't take any more.

Genieveve put a collar on her pathetic old man slave so he can be like her dog. She abuses him with humiliating faceslapping then leans over so she can kick him hard in the stomach. This kind of punishment is normal to this dominating and gorgeous girl and she will continue to beat her slave with her hands and feet until she is satisfied. It takes a lot of pain to satisfy her.

Yasemin is an extremely intense blonde mistress who loves nothing more than to punish you with brutal faceslapping. She shows her domination over you with hard and repeated slaps to the face and your humiliation is her goal. She is kind enough to explain to you what a loser you are and why she needs to slap you and she will continue to punish you until her arm gets tired.

Mistress BlackDiamond has a loser slave tied to a wall so her and her hot friends can punish him with brutal faceslapping. All three of the hot girls taunt him and humiliate him as they take turns slapping him hard in the face. Every time he tries to escape they slap him harder until he is humiliated and in pain from all the hard slaps from these super hot girls.

Annett is a sadistic blonde hottie who loves to dish out punishment to her slaves. This slave gets a harsh beating as she ties him to a chair and smacks him in the face. She pulls his hair so she can really humiliate him and smacks him hard in the face over and over again. The pain from her faceslapping makes the slave red as he is dominated by this hot blonde.

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