Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Princess Diana is going to slap her slave in the face over and over again, because she gets tired of his horrible attitude towards her. She is going to make him regret looking at her with a smirk, because she finds his attitude to be extremely disrespectful. She will slap him over and over again until he learns a very valuable lesson about domination and who is boss.

Two sadistic ladies are going to get together, because they have one goal in mind on a lovely afternoon. That goal is to slap a slavery in the face, and make sure that he knows he is nothing more than a bitch in their opinion. The slave is going to take all of the face slaps from the women, and he is going to say absolutely nothing or else.

This lovely lady is going to have her slave come over, so that she is able to have her slave worship her dirty feet. She finds a very amusing to be little her slave and order him to get on the ground, but she also loves to see him smelling her feet and telling her how wonderful her feet smell, even if they do not smell good.

Mistress Black Diamond and her very sexy friend are going to show that they love to slap and be super cruel to their slave boy. The slave boy is a total idiot loser, so making sure he feels like a moron is going to be a great time. The slave will get his face slapped by both ladies as they are deeply amused from all the hardcore action.

Fradjya is a mistress that loves to slap. She even loves to dance with her pole while she is slapping the fuck out of her slave. She takes great pride in making sure she is so seductive when she is being so cruel to her slave. Fradjya thinks her slave is a loser, so making him feel pain and humiliation is just part of the drill.

Four sadistic girls are going to take turns slapping the living shit out of a slave. He thought it was going to be easy dealing with their wrath, but a slave will find out that he is in for one hell of a painful day with the four ladies ready to really hurt him. All of the girls can hit super hard and they love it too.

Saphira is a mistress that loves to do horrible things to her defenseless slave. She will have the best time slapping her slave and making him feel like a total loser. She is going to open hand slap him and make his face turn red, but the entire time she is doing this, her face will be this giant grin from ear to ear knowing she's brutal.

Mistress Black Diamond is going to really have a great time slapping the shit out of her slave. She plans on making him cry when she slaps him and also enforcing that he is nothing more than a pile of shit to her. Mistress Black Diamond is a mistress that loves to be brutal and so aggressive when she decides its time to fuck her slave up.

Sibilla is a great mistress that can do almost anything to her slaves. She is going to have a great time making sure her slave is brutalized. Her slave has always been this idiot and her lawyer in real life, but when he loses a case - she is going to be livid. pissed off. Sibilla will beat the shit out of her slave and make him pay.

Saphira and Jenny are two mistresses that love to face slap. They are going to really slap the hell out of a slave boy that has been on their nerves for quite some time. These two mistresses can really get going, and slapping is just the tip of the iceberg for them. The slave has no choice but to endure the slapping and humiliation from them.

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