Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Mistress Jamie Kate wanted to know why her boyfriend was flirting with other girls. She was upset and she had a talk with him. But he was not being honest and she was pissed. Instead of them having a talk, she decided to punish him. She made him kneel down and she slapped him. It was painful for him and she loved it so she did it again and again and again.

Sonny, Aqua and Meg are mistresses who should not be messed with. They are hot and sexy but they are also cruel and sadistic. They enjoy the pain of others and for those who know them, they are to be avoided at all costs. But lots of people do not know them and that is what they like. This hot guy was one of them. They tied him up and left him defenseless. Then they proceeded to slap the crap out of him.

If there is one thing that Lady Nicole is good at, it is faceslapping. She loves it because the face is tender and is very painful. But she is not your average mistress so she likes to do her thing with her feet as opposed to those mistresses who do it with their hands. That is how good she is and that is why she is feared. She likes to slap her slaves and losers with her feet because she can and because it is more painful.

Mistress BlackDiamoond knows that a good slap goes a long way. She knows that it helps to instill discipline and it also helps to get what you want. And that is why she loves it. She made this guy kneel and she slapped the crap out of him. She told him not to cry and that if he did, she would make him cry even harder by doubling his punishment and his pain.

Candy and JJ are two beautiful and dominating girls who could easily punish this puny slave on their own, but they work together so they can inflict as much punishment as they can without hurting their hands. This slave is new to faceslapping and may never want to do it again after these girls punish him until his face is completely red. They even spin him around raining slaps on him.

This professor might be the dominant one in class but college girls Sibilla and Teodora are the dominant ones behind closed doors. They humiliate their teacher by making him take his shirt off and stand with his arms to his side. They both take turns with brutal faceslapping. Each of the girls uses both of their hands to smack their professor hard as he stops being their teacher and becomes their slave.

Gorgeous and tall ladies Candy and Drew tower over this short loser slave as he stands there ready to take their punishment just to be close to them. They punish him with painful faceslapping making his face red by repeatedly smacking him as hard as they can. He just stands there like an idiot while these stunning models take turns slapping him hard until his face is swollen and even uglier than before.

Emily and JJ are two cruel brunettes that are joined by the sadistic blonde Sibilla. They are wearing sexy black half tops, shorts and high heeled shoes. The brutal trio take turns slapping a dirty professor's face while he is fully dressed. They even sit on his chest while they smack him. Not only is cheeks numb and red but he is also out of breath from them sitting on him.

Lieutenant Sibilla has been in the DuneFeet army for a long time. Mariah is a new cadet wearing a sexy black bra and matching panties. The leggy dominating blonde has to train her and she is sadistic about it. She makes the submissive blonde suffer through her face slapping class. The slaps are gentle at first but then grow more intense and hard. Mariah can barely feel her red cheeks by the time Sibilla is done with her.

Mistress Jana wears a blue bikini while slapping her slave's face. He is fully dressed and bound in a chair while she insults and humiliates him. Her slaps are not gentle love taps either but hard and intense. To make matters worse, she takes off her black high heeled shoe and presses it against his nose. The dominating blonde makes him inhale her smelly foot odor. Mistress Jana really knows how to dish out punishment to her slave.

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