Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Mistresses Teodora, Joss and their friend wanted to give this guy a taste of his own medicine. He is a bully who has made the lives of many people miserable. The mistresses wanted to make him understand just how miserable he made other people. So they slapped him brutally as he sat down. They forbade him from touching his face so they hit him again and again on the same spots and tortured him greatly.

This mistress found her slave having sex with someone in her house. She was pissed off that he could do it in her house. She did not mind him doing it, but she did not want it to be her house. She punished him by slapping him as hard as she could. She slapped him and facesat on him and made sure she taught him a lesson he would never forget.

Madame Marissa sent her slave for one thing and he came back with a different thing. It was an expensive item and it was non refundable. She was pissed and slapped him as punishment. She made sure she had slapped him so hard that she left her prints on his face and his face was all red. She actually wanted to slap him so hard that he pissed on himself. But he managed to endure the pain without peeing his pants.

Madame Madison and her friend Virginia wanted to prove to this guy that he was nothing. He was too full of himself and looked down upon other people. They were sick and tired of his behavior towards other people and they decided to teach him a lesson. They tied him to a bar stool and they slapped the shit out of him. They slapped him repeatedly and by the time they were done, he was crying like a girl.

Lady Cruella loves to slap the shit out of her slaves. She enjoys it when they are in pain and she loves being the one to inflict that pain. She likes it because it makes her feel powerful. Today she was in her apartment when she ordered pizza but the delivery guy brought it late. She was pissed off and she slapped the shit out of him and did not care that he had other deliveries to make.

This mistress does not like fat guys. And her boyfriend had let go of himself and was not a fattie. She tried to talk to him but he never listened to her. She tried to make diet but he refused. She enrolled him in a gym but he never went. Left with no option, she resolved to make him do it by force. She came home one day and faceslapped him brutally and repeatedly and made him experience untold pain. Then she told him if he did not lose weight, he would undergo that pain everyday till he shed weight.

Mistresses Teodora and Maddy like guys who are macho. They are naughty and kinky mistresses and they wanted to have a threesome with a hot guy who could withstand what they threw at him. They slapped him repeatedly until his face was all red and in pain. They face busted him hard and painfully but he kept his eye on the prize and impressed them. The threesome was out of this world.

Mistresses Sonny and Bonny are best friends and they love face slapping. That is the only punishment they know. And whenever someone messes with them, that is what they like to prescribe as punishment. This guy stole their bikes and when they found him, they took him to their house and had fun slapping him brutally. They face busted him and made sure that his face was all red and in pain.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is known for her cruelty. If you have to be humiliated by a mistress, pray that it is not her. Unfortunately for this loser, she was not alone. She was with her friend mistress Jenna Grace. Together, they rained painful slaps on this guy's face and made him do what they wanted. He had tried to appear tough but a few minutes with them and he did all they wanted and then some.

Mistress Emily, Hadley and Drew wanted to pass their exam despite not having prepared for it. They had been partying the whole semester and were not ready to sit for the exam. So they lured their slave and when they met him, they slapped him hard and degraded him. Then took compromising photos and videos with him and blackmailed him to give them a leakage or they would leak the photos and videos.

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