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Mistress Smiley needed to move on from this guy but she knew she could not until she got what she felt would be revenge for her. That is why she chose to slap the shit out of him and dominate him a little. It worked out the way she wanted and she not only humiliated him, but she made him feel pain and she had him beg her for mercy.

This girl had been asked to keep secrets and she agreed that she would. But she did not and that pissed off the mistresses who had to make sure that she would never have access to other secrets and that she was punished for what she had done. That is why they caged her, spat on her and they slapped her as painfully as they could. She got the message.

Lady Iveta did not want a cagey person and that is why she chose to slap the shit out of her husband. She had discussed that with him but it did not seem to help. So she had to come up with a way to make it all change and that is why she did what she had to do by slapping the crap out of him. It worked better than she thought.

This guy was crazy in that he wanted to have a thing with both of these mistresses. They did not like that. He was crazy about both cheerleaders but they felt offended instead of being flattered. They had to punish him and they did it with their faceslapping fetish. It was brutal but there was not much he could have done other than to apologize to the mistresses and promise never to do it again.

Mistresses Ciara and Clarissa had an ignorant guy to deal with. They did not like the fact that he was ignorant and they had to make sure that he learned his lesson. That is why they went out of their way to dominate him and to do things that he never expected. The mistresses slapped the crap out of him and by the time they were done with him, he had learned his lesson.

Lady Despina wanted to control this guy and she felt that the best way to do so was to use her faceslapping fetish. The mistress used her slaps and those of her friend to punish and dominate the guy. They did not think about it too much and they went ahead to slap the shit out of him and that is how they managed to control him and get him to do what they wanted.

Goddess Lena wanted her boyfriend to workout for his own good but he did not do it and she was pissed. She had to make him do it for himself and not even for her. He was slapped while naked and she ensured that he felt pain and he was humiliated as she did it to him while he was naked. She also denied him sex. He changed and worked out.

Mistress Cama and lady Dalin did not understand why this guy needed to eavesdrop on them. They had tried to tell him it was not ok to do that but he did not listen. The mistresses had to punish him and they did. They cruelly forced the guy to endure hot and hard slaps and he had no choice but to do it while he was naked. He never repeated his mistake.

Lady Scarlet and her friend had boyfriends who were also friends. They had a gambling problem and the mistresses did not want to enable them to continue with that bad habit. They asked them to change and when they did not, the mistresses chose to punish them by slapping the shit out of them. It worked because the guys did not want to experience it again from their own girlfriends.

Mistress Madita did not want to work with an incorrigible person. That is why she had to teach the guy a lesson that no one had taught him. She had tried to talk to him to make amends but he did not and now it was up to her to push him to do it. He did after she slapped the crap out of him. The pain made him change.

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