Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Miss Annalieza likes to read her magazines regularly. But her stupid dog has forget to bring her the new edition. Now she is very angry! Her loser dog has to knee in front of her so she can better take care of him! She slaps his face with her hands. She uses both hands and also tells him what a loser he is. And to humiliate him even further she had put a pink collar on his neck...!

These two girls are fucking hot! They have some special powers and you should try to avoid them. But this stupid burglar has no chance! He walked into their trap and now he is at their mercy - but the two spider girls HAVE NO MERCY! But instead they have a lot of faceslapping for him! Slowly they drain his blood and his life essence. He starts to believe that he will be never again leave this place...!

Hilda is a really nice goddess. She looks very sweet and beautiful but she also can be a very cruel girl! Her slave has to find out soon... She brings him to the ground and sits down on his chest. He cannot move anymore now and Hilda starts to slap his face! He hits his left and his right cheek and also uses both of her hands. But slapping isn't the only thing she does - from time to time she starts to punch him with full power in his face too!

Mistress Mara is a great mistress! She has a lot of experience and she exactly knows how to treat a slave! At the beginning she steps on his hands and pierces her high heels deep into his flesh. But this punishment isn't enough for her. She also orders him to go down on his knees and kiss her cruel tools of punishment! He does as good as he can but Mara still likes to punish him even more - and so she starts to slap his face from time to time!

Victoria is born to dominate men! She is a cruel goddess. She looks awesome! Her slave already awaits her on his chair. He knows that the next hour will be a very painful one! But that's OK because he deserves nothing else than pain! He is a useless piece of shit and his mistress always knows when it is time to slap his face! She wears her black leather gloves so she can inflict even more damage...!

Miss Atrax has invited her friends to visit her in the classroom. She wants to show them what you can do with men! All men are stupid! They never use their brain and always think with their dick and you can use them whenever you want! Women are born to dominate men! You only need to know what you have to do. A good way to teach them that they have to do whatever you want is to slap their face! So they know that you have no respect - and of course it hurts really bad!

This slave is so disgusting! We don't like him and we are willing to show him! He is bound on a chair and cannot move anymore. He believes he is a tough guy or someone important - but we show him that he is nothing more than a loser! We verbally humiliate him and hit his face again and again with our hands! I'm sure this way we taught him a lesson he will never forget...!

Mite is a pathetic loser and he knows that no girl will ever respect him. But that's OK because he got used to it! So he tries to get contact on other way... He asks the girls to slap him into his face! He saw a lot of faceslapping clips before but he never thought that it could be so painful! At least the girls hit him so hard that his face turned red! But on the other hand this was only half the power they could use...

... into a word of pain and cruelty! The small and tiny slave has no chance to stand against her - she knows how to treat losers like him! She kicks him into the stomach with her knees and slaps his face. He looks very scary and ridiculous. She instead looks very dominant and sadistic! You can see the satisfaction in her eyes with every slap she lets fall down on him...!

The slave already met Lady Svenja before. Last time he was defenseless and his arms were tied on a chair. This time the rope isn't needed anymore - his will is broken already! He follows the orders of his mistress and does whatever she tells him to do! But this doesn't prevents him from being slapped! Lady Svenja likes to hit him just for fun! But this way she also reminds him who is the boss!

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