Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Lady Janis is going to slap her slave over and over in the face making sure that he knows who is boss. She takes great pride in her ability to slap a person, but she pays close attention to the slave that she is inflicting all of the pain too. She thinks it is funny to humiliate a slave this way, because they look so pathetic with their red faces.

Iveta is a lovely mistress that loves inflicting pain to anyone she can get her hands on. Sometimes it might be another inmate or sometimes it might be a guard that has a dirty little secret that she likes to hide from everyone. It doesn't matter to her, because her goal is to slap whoever she wants and make sure it hurts them every time she strikes them in the face.

A total loser is going to find out what it is like to get slapped as he pays a mistress for her services. She is going to make sure that he gets everything and then some from her. Her goal is to slap him to the point that he is begging her to stop, but then she is going to remind him that he paid her to get slapped.

Even classy ladies love to slap a slave or even their husbands from time to time. A really pretty elegant woman dressed in a black cocktail dress is going to slap her husband as he is on his knees begging for forgiveness. All of her frustrations are going to be let out and released as she slaps him in the face repeatedly letting him know she loves to inflict pain on him.

Any slave that is going to be in this mistresses living room had better be ready for a vicious domination session that is going to be life changing for any slave. She is going to let all of her frustrations out on a slave, and she is going to slap and punch her slave right in the face as if he were attacking her. She loves being sadistic.

This lovely lady takes great pride in making sure her slaves are totally helpless as she slaps them in the face. She is going to use her hand and slap a slave directly in the face so that he feels every single bit of the sting from her swinging. She can't quit laughing at how pathetic he looks and she doesn't care that he is begging her to stop.

A group of really hot women wearing denim jeans are going to show off their amazing skills when it is time to dominate a slave and let him know that he is absolutely nothing in this world. Each of the women are going to take turns slapping him in the face, and they are also going to tell him how pathetic he is. The slave is totally broken down.

Esmeralda is a very well-trained mistress that has a great deal of experience in slapping her slaves in the face. She has always enjoyed making sure her slaves know their place with her and humiliation to her slaves is one of her specialties. Esmeralda is going to slap her slaves in the face with an open hand and let them know that she is boss no matter what.

This pretty lady loves to slap her slaves, but she also loves to do several other things that can be considered extremely humiliating to a slave. She has always been very brutal and sadistic to slaves, but she loves to open her hand and slap her slave right in the face to totally humiliate him. The slave does nothing but except all of his punishment and dread for what comes next.

Princess Diana is going to slap her slave in the face over and over again, because she gets tired of his horrible attitude towards her. She is going to make him regret looking at her with a smirk, because she finds his attitude to be extremely disrespectful. She will slap him over and over again until he learns a very valuable lesson about domination and who is boss.

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