Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

When Emily and Teodora are given the option to attend class or spend the day with their professor, they choose to spend the day out. It didn't go like he thought it would though. They stripped off his shirt and started their slapping game. They slapped and cursed their professor until their hands hurt. They enjoyed watching his face bruise and calling him rude names. He learned a lesson that day.

When Jorita is bored, she tempts her slave and tortures him. She calls him into the room and walks around in her lingerie. She watches him watch her before she starts the real game. She slaps him hard. She keeps slapping him until he falls over. When he is down, she is happy to put her high heel shoe in his back and tell him what kind of a wimp he is.

Drew is a nice mistress. She normally doesn't allow her temper to get the best of her but she lost her temper this time. When her slave broke a major rule, she took him to the patio to punish him. She put him on his knees and slapped him. She continued to slap him until her hand started to hurt. She enjoyed watching his face bruise and she still wasn't finished. She slapped him until she wasn't angry anymore.

When Mistress Natasha found her new slave longing for his former mistress, she knew she had to get him in hand. She put on her punishment clothing and called him to her. She spit on the bottom of her severe shoes, making him lick it up. She then used the sole of her shoe to slap him into submission. She doesn't want to leave him in any question about who he belongs to now.

Ella Kros was insulted and was sent a new slave as a tribute and apology for being insulted. When her new slave arrived, she received him in the throne room. She had him masked and ordered him to his knees. She asked a couple of questions. She didn't like what he had to say so she started to slap him. She brutally slapped him and told him exactly what she expected of him while in her service.

Annett was pissed when her date stood her up. She doesn't like being lied to and she doesn't like it when her nights don't go as planned. When it became clear she wouldn't be going out, she called her slave to her. He laid on the floor and she slapped his face until she was feeling better. She sat on him and slapped him as she ranted about being stood up.

Goddess Amyleen Moore knows that she shouldn't enjoy hurting her slave so much but she does. She loves putting him to his knees and covering his pathetic face with a mask. When she does that she makes him suck her cock like he would want his sucked. If he doesn't deep throat her, she slaps his face brutally and tells him how much of a pussy he really is. She loves fucking his mouth when he obviously doesn't like to do it.

When Lady Lucy gets a new slave, she has to break him in. She has to show him where his place is and she does it brutally. She calls him to her in front of all the other slaves. As she tells him the rules, she watches his face. If he doesn't like what she says, she brutally slaps him. She enjoys slapping him, bruising his face. She does it until he is completely under her control.

These mistresses had a problem with their professor. They had not passed their exam and he was responsible. They slapped him brutally and made him change their grades

Kacie was the object of brutal slaps from Emily, Aurora and Hadley. They had a score to settle with her and the best way they knew was to slap her painfully and brutally

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