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Mistress Nicole wanted to find out how good or not her new slave was. So she did it in a way she would never forget for as long as she lived. The mistress had her kneel down before she faceslapped her painfully. As if that was not enough, the mistress kicked her and even spat on her for good measure. The girl knew never to mess with her as she knew what would happen.

Princess Jasmin wanted her boyfriend to stop being a weirdo and she told him. But he did not take her seriously so she had no choice but to show him how serious she was. She humiliated him and told him what she wanted him to drop and what she wanted him to learn instead. She made him lick her shoes and she slapped him painfully to show how serious she was.

Lady Krasaviza was not happy to learn that this loser was a big baby. She had hired the slave to work for her but was surprised to learn that he still wet the bed. She was angry and punished him for it in an effort to help him stop. He had to summon his will power in order to stop and she made him do it by slapping him brutally.

When this mistress told her slave what she did not like about him, she thought he was going to change. She did not like how he did not brush his teeth and she wanted him to improve his oral hygiene. She made sure he learned his lesson the hard way as she slapped him and told him if he did not change his habits, she was going to do worse things to him.

Mistress Meg was all alone in the house. She realized that this loser was trying to break into her house so she laid a trap for him. She had given out her car so the intruder thought she had gone out. She caught him as he got into the house and she cruelly slapped him to teach him a lesson never to break into someone's house. She made him learn to live a honest life.

Madame Madison was disappointed in her slave. She had always taught him to be a good slave and one who respects people. But he went ahead and did nasty things which pissed a lot of people off. When the information reached her, she had to do something about it. She slapped her slave and brutally so. She made sure he was not only remorseful about it, but that he would also apologize to whoever he had wronged.

Mistress BlackDiamoond knows that a good slap goes a long way. She knows that it helps to instill discipline and it also helps to get what you want. And that is why she loves it. She made this guy kneel and she slapped the crap out of him. She told him not to cry and that if he did, she would make him cry even harder by doubling his punishment and his pain.

Fradjya is a mistress that loves to slap. She even loves to dance with her pole while she is slapping the fuck out of her slave. She takes great pride in making sure she is so seductive when she is being so cruel to her slave. Fradjya thinks her slave is a loser, so making him feel pain and humiliation is just part of the drill.

Four sadistic girls are going to take turns slapping the living shit out of a slave. He thought it was going to be easy dealing with their wrath, but a slave will find out that he is in for one hell of a painful day with the four ladies ready to really hurt him. All of the girls can hit super hard and they love it too.

Saphira is a mistress that loves to do horrible things to her defenseless slave. She will have the best time slapping her slave and making him feel like a total loser. She is going to open hand slap him and make his face turn red, but the entire time she is doing this, her face will be this giant grin from ear to ear knowing she's brutal.

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