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Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

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Alice is one sexy teacher because she is teaching domination to three high school girls in uniform. She orders her bald slave to fall to his knees so she can teach the girls how to slap him until his face is red. Schoolgirls Alex, Teodora and Sibilla learn fast and dominate this slave with continuous and very hard faceslaps. It's painful and Alice teaches them that painful is good and they all get an "A".

Mite is a pathetic loser and he knows that no girl will ever respect him. But that's OK because he got used to it! So he tries to get contact on other way... He asks the girls to slap him into his face! He saw a lot of faceslapping clips before but he never thought that it could be so painful! At least the girls hit him so hard that his face turned red! But on the other hand this was only half the power they could use...

The two sadistic ladies Alice and Sibilla are back and enter the torture chamber. The slave lies on the ground and seems to be pretty helpless. He is such a weakling! The girls have no other choice - they have to play with him! They start to slap his face. But they don't use their hands to do so. They use their hot bare feet for the job! It is so humiliating but somehow he can be a lucky guy too...

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