Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Emily Jones is using her slave as a foot stool. She doesn't really care whether he likes it or not, but she has other things in store for him is he doesn't. She takes her feet down and gives his face a few good slaps to get his blood flowing and his cheeks red. Then she forces his mouth open with her fingers and spits right inside of it, ordering him to swallow it.

Lady Betty and Bertie are sharing a slave and they're going to cover his entire face in their spit whether he likes it or not. Then there's more in store. They have him down on his knees with a collar around his neck. They both unleash torrents spit right into his face. When he seems to dislike it, they take turns slapping him with the soles of their worn shoes.

Goddess Grazi needs to teach her slave a lesson and she's going to be doing it with her feet. She gets him on his back and goes to work making him smell them. When she's satisfied that he's had enough of her nasty foot stench, she uses them to slap him right across the face over and over again. It's tough to tell whether the pain or the stink stuck to his cheeks is worse.

Mistress Nikky is going to cause her slave a lot of pain, but the worst thing she's going to do is actually let him believe that he'll be allowed to cum in her presence. She has him on the rack and starts slapping him in the face as hard as she can. His cheeks turn red and she gets him on his knees to twist his nipples. That's when she starts playing with his little midget dick. She strokes it and gets it hard and lets him get right to the point of cumming right in her hand. That's when she stops.

Madame Marissa likes to slap someone when he least expects it. She likes to smile or even laugh but be as close to him as possible. She then waits for the perfect time and swings a hard slap on his face that lands where it was intended to land. She then rains slaps and blows on him and tells him what he had done to deserve the slaps. She stops after giving him a red face.

Mistress Meg and her friend Bea wanted to show him why they were the best in their game. This guy was their new slave and they did not want to spend a lot of time training him on what to do. They had to show him what they do to slaves who do not tow the line. They slapped him as hard as the could even before he had done anything to send the message.

This mistress could not forgive this guy for abusing her. He called her names and even called her fat. She did not like how body shamed her. She did not mind it as she had thick skin but other mistresses might. So she slapped the crap out of him to teach him a lesson he will never forget in a hurry. She tied him to render him helpless before slapping him.

This mistress was happy that her slave had finally won something. She even bought him an expensive. She was shocked a few days later when she realized he had cheated to win. She was so disappointed in him and she punished him for cheating. She slapped the shit out of him and made sure his face was on fire. She left him with a face that was red and in pain.

Mistress Misty enjoys inflicting pain on losers and slaves. And that is what she did today to her slave. She wanted to humiliate him and she did so using her slap fetish. She slapped the crap out of him and had fun watching him cry like a little girl. She laughed at him as he cried and made him feel embarrassed. But she did not stop slapping him and instead she did it harder.

Mistress Gaia loves to slap. This girl was not doing things the way she had instructed her. She thought she knew more than the mistress and when she found out that the mistress' way was the best, she had to be punished. The mistress settled on slapping her and she did so brutally. She forced her to endure her pain as it was her mistake that had led to it in the first place.

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