Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

When Lady Lucy gets a new slave, she has to break him in. She has to show him where his place is and she does it brutally. She calls him to her in front of all the other slaves. As she tells him the rules, she watches his face. If he doesn't like what she says, she brutally slaps him. She enjoys slapping him, bruising his face. She does it until he is completely under her control.

These mistresses had a problem with their professor. They had not passed their exam and he was responsible. They slapped him brutally and made him change their grades

Kacie was the object of brutal slaps from Emily, Aurora and Hadley. They had a score to settle with her and the best way they knew was to slap her painfully and brutally

Sibilla and Kourtney wanted to show this guy that he was nothing in their eyes. So they took turns to beat him up and slapped him repeatedly and painfully

Gia loves slapping people. She always looks for the smallest reason to beat up someone and this guy was unlucky to be chosen. She made him lick her boots before slapping him hard and painfully

These mistresses were in their sexy attire. And it was around christmas time. They lured one santa who thought he would have some christmas fun with them but they ended up beating him and slapping him mercilessly

Teodora, Stacey and Emily went to the gym and instead of practicing, they started to humiliate and beat up other people. They slapped them knowing that they were good at fighting and would beat the crap out of them if they retalliated

Julie wanted to punish her boyfriend for making out with another girl. She caught him red handed and punished him with painful slaps till he promised never to repeat it again

Candy, Sibilla and Emily were conned some money by this guy. They tracked him down and took him to their apartment where they rained heavy and painful slaps on him till he agreed to give them back their money

When Emily and Stacy are called to interrogate a slave, they know just what to do to make them talk. They are called to another mistress and told to interrogate Shorty. Emily pushed him on an ottoman, sat on him and started to slap him. They took turns, slapping him and asking questions. When Shorty started being disrespectful, they even choked him. They only stop when they get the information they knew he had.

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