Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Together with my friend Miss Lori I like to torture male slaves. They are so ridiculous! They often believe that they are strong enough to stand our treatment but at the end they mostly whine like small babies! This loser also believed that he is a tough guy... but soon he had to find out that he is a defenseless loser too! We slapped his face again and again and broke his will! His face was dark and red because of so many hits - but that was his own fault...! :D

Alysha already has caught Santa Claus last time. He treated him like shit because he hoped to get some nice presents but he brought her nothing and told her that she was a bad girl. She was so upset that she humiliated him as much as possible. Now she continues her punishment and brings him to his limits! She slaps his face very hard and spits on him. He is such a jerk and she is willed to show him her disgrace!

You make me really angry! You haven't paid my phone bill you bitch! I told you to do so! Now I'm no longer able to contact my friends today because it is sunday and there is no way to reactivate it! But you WILL PAY for me! And now we start with a nice treating of your ugly face! Sit down on this chair and don't move. And then take my slaps into your face *zack* How does it feel? You want some more? *zack*

Mistress Rebecca is really awesome! And she is back to punish guys and to send them into her dark world of cruelty, brutality, humiliation and degradation. It is really unbelievable what she does whit men! She slaps their faces, she kicks into their balls, she tramples them, she verbally abuses them and lot of more things. You rarely see such a cruel beauty! This slave believes that he is nothing more like a filthy piece of rag covered with dirt and spit!

The two sadistic ladies Alice and Sibilla are back and enter the torture chamber. The slave lies on the ground and seems to be pretty helpless. He is such a weakling! The girls have no other choice - they have to play with him! They start to slap his face. But they don't use their hands to do so. They use their hot bare feet for the job! It is so humiliating but somehow he can be a lucky guy too...

The two hot and sadistic ladies Mistress Anouk and Princess Marilyn have decided to play a little game with this loser! They want to find out he can better slap a useless guy into his face! The useless guy is found, the ladies are horny to start - so everything what they need to play the game is available. Then the slapping starts! They hit him both into his face. One after another and then both at the same time too. At the end the loser has to choose which girl hits him harder... A difficult task... Both ladies hit him hard and he doesn't want to upset the "loser"...

Hey there! Yes, I'm talking to you! You are such a pervert! You like to watch me unrecognized - but I realized your fetish! You dream about sniffing my feet, don't you? Or do you prefer to touch some other parts of my hot body...? Stop dreaming! This won't happen! Never! You are such a loser! And I have no choice than to start slapping your face! This should help you to stop being such a pervert, right...!?

This guy is really ridiculous! He is such a loser, it is hard to believe that there is a bigger loser out there. He is not even a man - he is nothing more like a dog! And to show everyone that he is a dog he has to wear this collar. But the collar's color is well chosen: Pink! This further shows everyone that he is not a man! But Miss Annalieza still wants to humiliate him even further! And so she starts to slap his face and box him!

Sibilla and Eileen have taken a poor loser into their special torture chamber. The room is dark and there is no escape for him. He sits on a small leather chair and awaits his punishment. He was a very bad boy and they have to take care of him. To show him that he is a useless piece of shit they slap him into his face and humiliate him with some words!

Maskjoe has no chance! Goddess Gloria wrapped him in a plastic film. Totally covered he cannot move anymore and has to lay down on the bed. This is exactly the position Gloria likes. She can sit down on his body and slap his face again and again without any possibility for Maskjoe to protect himself. He seems to be like a mummy - but still can feel the pain of every single face slap!

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