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This loser did not have much to offer these mistresses. But he wanted to charm them and have fun with them. He wanted to have a threesome with them. So he tried to impress them by asking them to slap him. He pretended that he would not feel pain. The mistresses were interested and they slapped the shit out of him. He thought they would have soft hands and he would not feel it. But they did not and he felt it to the bone.

This mistress was happy that her slave had finally won something. She even bought him an expensive. She was shocked a few days later when she realized he had cheated to win. She was so disappointed in him and she punished him for cheating. She slapped the shit out of him and made sure his face was on fire. She left him with a face that was red and in pain.

This mistress does not like being lied to. This guy had promised her something but was not able to deliver on the same. She was pissed and she had to make sure that he got his punishment. And his punishment came in the form of slaps. Hard slaps for that matter and she made sure they were so hot and so hard that they bruised his face and that he would never lie again.

Miss Lori and her brunette girlfriend are both wearing black stockings and high heeled shoes. They sit on a sofa and take turns slapping a loser's face. He is wearing a black stocking over his head because he is too humiliated to show his ugly face. They show him no mercy and slap his face even harder. They then use him as a human ashtray and tease him with their hot legs.

A total loser is going to find out what it is like to get slapped as he pays a mistress for her services. She is going to make sure that he gets everything and then some from her. Her goal is to slap him to the point that he is begging her to stop, but then she is going to remind him that he paid her to get slapped.

Miss Lori and I took this slave to find out if he really can stand as much pain as we heard. We tied his hands so he is defenseless and then started the action! We slap his face again and again. With each slap his face turns even more red! But faceslapping isn't the only thing we have done! We also used his mouth as an ashtray! And with our fingers we destroyed his sensitive nipples... This was so much fun! :D

This slave is so disgusting! We don't like him and we are willing to show him! He is bound on a chair and cannot move anymore. He believes he is a tough guy or someone important - but we show him that he is nothing more than a loser! We verbally humiliate him and hit his face again and again with our hands! I'm sure this way we taught him a lesson he will never forget...!

Together with my friend Miss Lori I like to torture male slaves. They are so ridiculous! They often believe that they are strong enough to stand our treatment but at the end they mostly whine like small babies! This loser also believed that he is a tough guy... but soon he had to find out that he is a defenseless loser too! We slapped his face again and again and broke his will! His face was dark and red because of so many hits - but that was his own fault...! :D

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