Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Mistresses Sonny and Bonny are best friends and they love face slapping. That is the only punishment they know. And whenever someone messes with them, that is what they like to prescribe as punishment. This guy stole their bikes and when they found him, they took him to their house and had fun slapping him brutally. They face busted him and made sure that his face was all red and in pain.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is known for her cruelty. If you have to be humiliated by a mistress, pray that it is not her. Unfortunately for this loser, she was not alone. She was with her friend mistress Jenna Grace. Together, they rained painful slaps on this guy's face and made him do what they wanted. He had tried to appear tough but a few minutes with them and he did all they wanted and then some.

Mistress Emily, Hadley and Drew wanted to pass their exam despite not having prepared for it. They had been partying the whole semester and were not ready to sit for the exam. So they lured their slave and when they met him, they slapped him hard and degraded him. Then took compromising photos and videos with him and blackmailed him to give them a leakage or they would leak the photos and videos.

Mistress Denise is as hot as they come. But she is also as cruel as they come. She has a sweet face but she is anything but. She likes to flirt with guys and go home with them where she humiliated them. She likes looking for a scapegoat in order to turn around and punish them. Today she made this guy lick her high heels as well as her smelly and sweaty feet. She told him he did not do it properly and rained hard slaps on him.

Mistress Sibilla and mistress Angel are mistresses who do not like anyone to mess with their money. They had given this guy money to invest for them and he had promised a good return on investments. But the return was not as good as he had said. They in fact lost some money. So they punished him by faceslapping him brutally and making him give them the money they had agreed in the first place.

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to test her faceslapping prowess. So she got a slave and she used him to find out. She slapped the hell out of him and left his face redder, tender and even more painful with each slap. She did not care how he was in pain or that he was begging her to stop. She knew she had found a way to punish and torture her slave. She loved it!

Mistress Jamie Kate wanted to know why her boyfriend was flirting with other girls. She was upset and she had a talk with him. But he was not being honest and she was pissed. Instead of them having a talk, she decided to punish him. She made him kneel down and she slapped him. It was painful for him and she loved it so she did it again and again and again.

Sonny, Aqua and Meg are mistresses who should not be messed with. They are hot and sexy but they are also cruel and sadistic. They enjoy the pain of others and for those who know them, they are to be avoided at all costs. But lots of people do not know them and that is what they like. This hot guy was one of them. They tied him up and left him defenseless. Then they proceeded to slap the crap out of him.

If there is one thing that Lady Nicole is good at, it is faceslapping. She loves it because the face is tender and is very painful. But she is not your average mistress so she likes to do her thing with her feet as opposed to those mistresses who do it with their hands. That is how good she is and that is why she is feared. She likes to slap her slaves and losers with her feet because she can and because it is more painful.

Mistress BlackDiamoond knows that a good slap goes a long way. She knows that it helps to instill discipline and it also helps to get what you want. And that is why she loves it. She made this guy kneel and she slapped the crap out of him. She told him not to cry and that if he did, she would make him cry even harder by doubling his punishment and his pain.

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