Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

These mistresses are friends and they found out that this guy was playing them. One of the mistresses called him to her house where he went and found both of them. Before he could say anything, they pounced on him and ran heavy and hard slaps on his face till it was all red and in pain. He tried to plead his case but it only added him more slaps and more pain.

Mistress Gaia was asked by a friend to humiliate and punish her slave. She agreed to do it. She called the slave who was brought to her and she did not waste any time humiliating him and torturing him. She slapped the crap out of him and told him she was just getting started. She tied his hands to his back so that he could not offer any resistance to her slaps before she made him lick and smell her ass.

Lady Cruella was told by her neighbor what he slave does when she is not around. She could not believe that her slave could disregard her warnings like that and she had to do something about it. She decided to slap his face so as to get the message in his thick head that she was not joking. She slapped him repeatedly and brutally till he cried and promised never to do it again.

Mistresses Teodora, Sibilla, Kourtney and JJ wanted a secret from this guy but he did not want to give it to them. They decided to get it out of him by force so they tortured him and slapped him. He was resolute and was just about to thank his lucky stars that the mistresses were leaving when they returned and slapped him so hard he winced. They slapped him again and again till he told them the secret.

Mistress Gaia took this guy to the dungeon for some dose of cruel punishment. She calls it her torture chambers. She even called her friend that day to go and check out what she wanted to do to her slaves. The two mistresses had a field day slapping the heck out of his face and making him feel a lot of pain than was actually necessary for him since he was a not a child.

Madame Madison was disappointed in her slave. She had always taught him to be a good slave and one who respects people. But he went ahead and did nasty things which pissed a lot of people off. When the information reached her, she had to do something about it. She slapped her slave and brutally so. She made sure he was not only remorseful about it, but that he would also apologize to whoever he had wronged.

Lady Cruella is so good at slave punishment that she gets paid to punish slaves. There are many slaves who are not good at it and they take them to her for punishment. And she does it happily. Today she used slap fetish to slap the living daylights out of him. She slapped him till her hand pained and he was numb of pain. She then let him go and told him not to do what brought him there.

Mistresses Teodora, Joss and their friend wanted to give this guy a taste of his own medicine. He is a bully who has made the lives of many people miserable. The mistresses wanted to make him understand just how miserable he made other people. So they slapped him brutally as he sat down. They forbade him from touching his face so they hit him again and again on the same spots and tortured him greatly.

This mistress found her slave having sex with someone in her house. She was pissed off that he could do it in her house. She did not mind him doing it, but she did not want it to be her house. She punished him by slapping him as hard as she could. She slapped him and facesat on him and made sure she taught him a lesson he would never forget.

Madame Marissa sent her slave for one thing and he came back with a different thing. It was an expensive item and it was non refundable. She was pissed and slapped him as punishment. She made sure she had slapped him so hard that she left her prints on his face and his face was all red. She actually wanted to slap him so hard that he pissed on himself. But he managed to endure the pain without peeing his pants.

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