Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

Emily and JJ are two cruel brunettes that are joined by the sadistic blonde Sibilla. They are wearing sexy black half tops, shorts and high heeled shoes. The brutal trio take turns slapping a dirty professor's face while he is fully dressed. They even sit on his chest while they smack him. Not only is cheeks numb and red but he is also out of breath from them sitting on him.

Lieutenant Sibilla has been in the DuneFeet army for a long time. Mariah is a new cadet wearing a sexy black bra and matching panties. The leggy dominating blonde has to train her and she is sadistic about it. She makes the submissive blonde suffer through her face slapping class. The slaps are gentle at first but then grow more intense and hard. Mariah can barely feel her red cheeks by the time Sibilla is done with her.

Mistress Jana wears a blue bikini while slapping her slave's face. He is fully dressed and bound in a chair while she insults and humiliates him. Her slaps are not gentle love taps either but hard and intense. To make matters worse, she takes off her black high heeled shoe and presses it against his nose. The dominating blonde makes him inhale her smelly foot odor. Mistress Jana really knows how to dish out punishment to her slave.

Lady Emily and Lady Gia are both wearing black high heeled shoes when they slap a dirty professor's face. They stand as he sits in an office chair. The brunettes take turns slapping his face before they start slapping him together. While he lives for this kind of pain, he does start putting up his hands when their slapping grows more intense. His cheeks are red and numb by the time they finish with him.

Mistress Cosette puts on a pair of black leather gloves to slap your face in this point of view video. She knows two important facts about face slapping to make a slave really suffer. The first is experience and technique. The second fact is power. The blonde Mistress is one lady that fulfills all of this. She speaks softly in German and makes you feel safe. Of course, you're not because she has very fit and powerful arms. Her palms land perfectly on your cheeks. Mistress Cosette gives you the best face slapping of your life.

Teodora and Sibilla are back to punish a dirty professor. They are sitting on a sofa slapping his face hard. He is wearing only a pair of black briefs. One of the blondes is wearing black high heeled shoes and tight pants. The other blonde is wearing red shoes and black shorts. Both of the dominating blondes are wearing black bras. The blonde wearing the red shoes even sits on his hairy chest and continues to slap his face hard.

Mistress Mariola bound a loser to a chair before punishing him. She starts by slapping his face. He clearly doesn't like the pain that she is dealing him with her slaps. He talks back just to get more slaps to his ugly kisser. The blonde Mistress then puts him in a headlock and chokes the bound slave. His cheeks may be numb and red but now she controls his breathing. Luckily, she doesn't let him pass out.

Mistress Ella Kros is a pro dom that knows what she wants. She wears black leather opera gloves and shoes with stiletto heels. Her submissive male slave is blindfolded and bound to the wall with shackles on his wrists. He is wearing a harness and a pair of black leather thongs. She caresses him and orders him to kiss her gloved hand. He doesn't do a good job so she starts slapping his face. That is just the beginning for she takes a strap off his blindfold so he can see her. Mistress Ella Kros slaps him harder until his cheeks are red and numb.

Lady Emily and Lady Sibilla take the shirtless professor outdoors for this brutal session. They wear black leather gloves. outfits and high heeled shoes while they slap his face. The blonde and brunette make him kneel before them while they punish him. They slap his face at the same time before taking turns. The brunette even takes off a glove and slaps him even harder. I'm surprised that he is still upright after they work him over.

Miss Lori and her brunette girlfriend are both wearing black stockings and high heeled shoes. They sit on a sofa and take turns slapping a loser's face. He is wearing a black stocking over his head because he is too humiliated to show his ugly face. They show him no mercy and slap his face even harder. They then use him as a human ashtray and tease him with their hot legs.

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