Face slapping clips

Watch ladies who slap slave's faces!

When Aurora and Drew are in an accident, the other driver begged them not to call the police. They agreed not to if he became their slave for the next 2 weeks. He agreed and they took him home. When they got him there, they put him on his knees and started to make him pay. They took turns slapping and humiliating him. After 2 weeks, he left with a bruised face and a broken ego.

When Joss and Jenny are called out, they know they have work to do. They are called to a mistress that has been completely overruled by her slave. When they arrived, they stripped him of his shirt and put him on his knees. They put their leather gloves on and began to slap him. They took turns slapping him back into his natural and submissive ways. When they leave, he is back to himself.

Candy and Aurora are women that aren't used to paying their bills with money. After their attorney won a case for them, they have to go to his office for payment. Their attorney is given payment in full for his services. They slap their attorney until he falls to the floor. They are happy to slap his old face until they are sore and tired of slapping him. These beauties left his office with a bill that was paid in full.

When Sibilla takes her slave to the beach with her, she sees him looking at other women and not at her ass. She takes him back to their hotel room and punishes him. She puts him on a chase lounge and slaps him. She slaps him until her hands hurt and his face is seriously bruised. She knows just what she has to do get him back under her control.

When she comes from class, she can't wait to show her slave her new skill. Her slave was a professor before coming to her service so he is always encouraging her to learn something new. When she comes home, she sits him down and starts to slap him all over his face. She takes her time slapping him so that she can slap him for a long time. She enjoys what she has learned but she's sure her slave doesn't like her new skill.

When Julie and Angel find Mariah, they feel sorry for her. They want to make her a part of their little circle but she isn't hot enough. Until she gains weight and can issue orders, she is going to be their slap slave. They enjoy slapping her thin and wan face. They love the way she flinches and bruises when they slap her. They laugh as she cries out in pain and begs for mercy. It's a game they will come to love playing.

Teodora and Sibilla love to play games. They love playing a slapping game. They slap a slave until their hands hurt and whoever stops first has to buy dinner. When it's time to play, they call their slave to them. They take their time brutally slapping their slave. They don't care about his feelings or anything. When they finish, they leave him to care for his bruised face while they go out to dinner.

When he goes to his mistress's doctor, they take him into a treatment room. After examining him, they know just how to treat him. They are happy to use their little white gloves to slap him. They slap him until his pale face is pink and bruising. They enjoy slapping him and making him feel better. When he leaves, his face is bruised and hurting but he is fully cured.

Stacey and Sonya have to meet their anger management counselor for the first time. They don't think they have a problem but their counselor doesn't believe them. To help them cope with their anger, he tells them to slap him. They take turns brutally slapping him and bruising his face. They know that he is hurting but they don't care. They enjoy slapping his old and saggy face with their bare hands.

When her slave comes to her with his confession, she knows that she has to punish him. She puts his mask on and strips him. He has his hands tied behind his back before the torture begins. She is happy to make him suck the heel of her shoe before stomping on his balls with her bare feet. She smacked his face with her foot and made him lick the sweat off the soles of her feet.

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