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When her slave comes to her with his confession, she knows that she has to punish him. She puts his mask on and strips him. He has his hands tied behind his back before the torture begins. She is happy to make him suck the heel of her shoe before stomping on his balls with her bare feet. She smacked his face with her foot and made him lick the sweat off the soles of her feet.

Dominating blonde Claudia is here for your punishment and she is not leaving until your face is as red as her skirt. She backhands you for extra humiliation then continues brutal faceslapping that is so painful that your head rings. You are helpless against her faceslapping because she is the dominant one and you are just a slave who is good for nothing but punishment to take out her frustrations.

Gorgeous but dangerous and dominating mistresses Alex and Teodora torture a slave in his own apartment. Alex wants to show her friend Teodora how to really punish a slave. She starts first with some faceslapping then Teodora sits on his chest and starts slapping him hard again and again. It's hard to get her to stop once she gets started so she will be very good at dominating and humiliating men.

Oceana and Saphira are two very sadistic and cruel dominating sluts who put their slave through painful torture by brutally beating him. They punch and kick him and laugh at his humiliation. They whip their poor slave until he can barely move. He is their victim and that is all his is good for to them. He is helpless as they kick him repeatedly and show him what true pain is.

This is your unlucky day slave. Empress Victoria is pissed off and she is going to take it out on your face. You will be helpless as this sadistic and dominating mistress hits you with continuous faceslaps until your loser face is red. If you try to cry or escape she will slap you harder so you better take your punishment and painful slaps like a man. She will teach you a lesson you won't forget.

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