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Emily and JJ are two cruel brunettes that are joined by the sadistic blonde Sibilla. They are wearing sexy black half tops, shorts and high heeled shoes. The brutal trio take turns slapping a dirty professor's face while he is fully dressed. They even sit on his chest while they smack him. Not only is cheeks numb and red but he is also out of breath from them sitting on him.

Lady Emily and Lady Gia are both wearing black high heeled shoes when they slap a dirty professor's face. They stand as he sits in an office chair. The brunettes take turns slapping his face before they start slapping him together. While he lives for this kind of pain, he does start putting up his hands when their slapping grows more intense. His cheeks are red and numb by the time they finish with him.

Miss Lori and her brunette girlfriend are both wearing black stockings and high heeled shoes. They sit on a sofa and take turns slapping a loser's face. He is wearing a black stocking over his head because he is too humiliated to show his ugly face. They show him no mercy and slap his face even harder. They then use him as a human ashtray and tease him with their hot legs.

The Hunteress is a pro dom from the UK. She is dressed in classy vintage black lingerie, gloves, stockings and high heeled shoes. She has him kneel before her and orders him to take off her black gloves. The brunette then stands up and starts to slap the nude slave's face softly. She keeps a hold of the chain leash that is wrapped around his neck. Her slaps gets harder and more intense. He starts moaning and begs her to stop. The Hunteress just smiles and slaps his face even harder than before.

Lady Emily and Lady Sibilla are outdoors for this brutal session. They slap a shirtless guy's face multiple times as punishment. The blonde and brunette wear tight black leather outfits and high heeled shoes in the forest. They slap him together and then take turns slapping his face. His cheeks are numb by the time they finished. They should slap some of that fat off his belly the next time they punish him.

Emily, Gia, Jovana and their friends Hadley and Stacey are five super hot brunettes who put on sexy body stockings and knee high black boots so they can look good when they team up to punish one slave. One of them could easily beat him senseless, but they would rather team up to multiply the pain and humiliation by making him endure painful and repeated faceslapping punishment until he can't take any more.

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