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Mistress Tiffany does not like slaves who are disobedient. Her new slave was and she felt that it was time to punish him so that he stopped that behavior. So she went ahead to make him kneel down before her and she slapped the crap out of him. He was slapped so painfully that he screamed like a little girl. He even peed a little from the pain he felt.

This guy had messed with the wrong mistress. Mistress Luciana chose to teach him a cruel lesson. She used her slap fetish to teach him never to piss her again. She forced him to kneel down despite his well-built body. She then slapped him as hard as she could and she could tell that the more she did it the more it got to him and he nearly cried and begged her to stop.

Mistress Joss and Meg wanted to try something naughty. The mistresses felt humiliating this loser for fun. They wanted to find out whether he would endure slaps for a chance to fuck them both. They proposed the idea and he agreed. They had fun landing hard and painful slaps on his face. When it became too painful, he told them to stop it and he went away in pain and not having gotten what he wanted.

Mistress Coco is not the kind of person to piss off and get away with it. That is what this guy thought would happen. He actually wondered why they were pissed. He did not see what he had done wrong. But the mistress showed him in between slapping the crap out of him. She left him with red and painful marks on his face from all the heavy slaps that landed on his face.

This mistress is no nonsense and likes things that way. She does not take crap even from her own man. Today her man messed up by forgetting to pay the mortgage and she slapped him hard. She did not want him to ever forget something as important as that and she made sure he would not by slapping him brutally. He was tied to the chair and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and Lady Chanel were in the club when they noticed this guy. He was trying to get their attention but he also had sinister motives. Mistress BlackDiamoond saw him spiking their drinks and she warned her friend not to drink. He did not know they had known. They punished him for what he had done and beat him up in the club. They used their high heels to crush him and slapped him hard too.

Mistress Gaia was asked by a friend to humiliate and punish her slave. She agreed to do it. She called the slave who was brought to her and she did not waste any time humiliating him and torturing him. She slapped the crap out of him and told him she was just getting started. She tied his hands to his back so that he could not offer any resistance to her slaps before she made him lick and smell her ass.

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