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These femdoms have started their own club. There are no men allowed unless they're down on their knees and being slapped in the face. Sure, that means that they occasionally need to go down on each other with no hard cocks around, but they still have a lot of fun by just using their hands to bat them away. They all take turns laying into his face with their hands.

Sara has ordered her slave to to kiss her high heels before she takes them off so he can worship her sexy naked feet, but he's not doing very well. She's very unhappy with the way that he's going about his duties and she's going to let him know that. She leans forward and starts slapping him over and over again right in the face to teach him a lesson.

Goddess Grazi needs to teach her slave a lesson and she's going to be doing it with her feet. She gets him on his back and goes to work making him smell them. When she's satisfied that he's had enough of her nasty foot stench, she uses them to slap him right across the face over and over again. It's tough to tell whether the pain or the stink stuck to his cheeks is worse.

This lovely lady is going to have her slave come over, so that she is able to have her slave worship her dirty feet. She finds a very amusing to be little her slave and order him to get on the ground, but she also loves to see him smelling her feet and telling her how wonderful her feet smell, even if they do not smell good.

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