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The Hunteress is a pro dom from the UK. She is dressed in classy vintage black lingerie, gloves, stockings and high heeled shoes. She has him kneel before her and orders him to take off her black gloves. The brunette then stands up and starts to slap the nude slave's face softly. She keeps a hold of the chain leash that is wrapped around his neck. Her slaps gets harder and more intense. He starts moaning and begs her to stop. The Hunteress just smiles and slaps his face even harder than before.

Lady Emily and Lady Sibilla are outdoors for this brutal session. They slap a shirtless guy's face multiple times as punishment. The blonde and brunette wear tight black leather outfits and high heeled shoes in the forest. They slap him together and then take turns slapping his face. His cheeks are numb by the time they finished. They should slap some of that fat off his belly the next time they punish him.

Jenny-Nina orders this loser to kiss her high heels and he tries his best. Unfortunately, that's not good enough for her and she slaps his face hard multiple times. She then has him kiss her ass while she is wearing her tight blue jeans. The demanding blonde then sits on his back while he tries to kiss her high heels again. His cheeks were red and stinging by the time this clip was finished.

It was that time of the month when this mistress punishes her slaves. She wore her gloves and practiced slapping them. This was bound to be fun

This mistress hates sissies. She wanted to toughen up her slave so she took her outside and slapped the hell out of him.

When JJ and Sibilla are on a case, they know just how to get their suspect to talk. They found the man that had the answers and took him to their office. They held him down and started to slap him. They were happy to slap him brutally over and over again. When his face is red and tender, he starts to talk. He wants to make them stop but the answers he gives doesn't stop them.

When Teodora, Stacey and Emily go to the gym, they start to look for a man that will help them relieve some stress. They find a guy that offers to do whatever they want him to do. When they lay him down on the bench, they took turns slapping his handsome face. They loved turning his face bright red and bruised. He didn't complain and they all slapped until they feel much better.

When Sibilla takes her slave to the beach with her, she sees him looking at other women and not at her ass. She takes him back to their hotel room and punishes him. She puts him on a chase lounge and slaps him. She slaps him until her hands hurt and his face is seriously bruised. She knows just what she has to do get him back under her control.

When she comes from class, she can't wait to show her slave her new skill. Her slave was a professor before coming to her service so he is always encouraging her to learn something new. When she comes home, she sits him down and starts to slap him all over his face. She takes her time slapping him so that she can slap him for a long time. She enjoys what she has learned but she's sure her slave doesn't like her new skill.

When Julie and Angel find Mariah, they feel sorry for her. They want to make her a part of their little circle but she isn't hot enough. Until she gains weight and can issue orders, she is going to be their slap slave. They enjoy slapping her thin and wan face. They love the way she flinches and bruises when they slap her. They laugh as she cries out in pain and begs for mercy. It's a game they will come to love playing.

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