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Emily Jones is using her slave as a foot stool. She doesn't really care whether he likes it or not, but she has other things in store for him is he doesn't. She takes her feet down and gives his face a few good slaps to get his blood flowing and his cheeks red. Then she forces his mouth open with her fingers and spits right inside of it, ordering him to swallow it.

Madame Marissa wanted to test her new slave. She wanted to find out his pain threshold so that she would know how best to punish him. She decided to slap him to test it so she landed heavy slaps on his face and made him cry painfully. She finally placed him in a category and knew how well to punish him if she wanted to get good results from him.

This mistress and her friend had better things to do. But they had to punish this loser because of how he carried himself. They had ignored him for far too long and it was now time for him to face the music. He was slapped as hard as the mistresses could manage. He winced in pain and he was also in red faced from all those slaps landing on her face.

Madame Marissa wanted her slave to do what she had told him. But she knew he had a problem following instructions. She punished him so that he would be able to follow all her instructions. She slapped him hard and humiliated him a great deal. When she was done slapping him, she forced him to open his mouth and she spat into it and she made him swallow her spit.

Mistress Britney and her friends Teodora and Bea wanted this guy to fix something for them but he did not agree. They forced him to agree by slapping him. They faceslapped him as hard as they could and by the time they were done with him, he knew that they were able to do worse things to him. If he did not fix it for them, he would endure their wrath.

Mistresses Sonny and Britney found this loser disrespecting the old lady who lived across the street. They liked her and could not stand her being disrespected. So they rushed over there and dragged the guy into the old lady's house and they slapped the shit out of him as the old lady watched. They forced him to do her chores and to apologize to him and even give her an allowance before they let him go.

This mistress does not like weak guys. She had to toughen up her boyfriend because he was like a sissy. So she surprised him with slaps and trampling. She landed hot and hard slaps on his face and warned him not to touch his face or make a sound. She told him it was for his own good that she was doing it and that she wanted to make him a real man.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves slapping more than anything else. When stuff got lost in her house, she knew who to ask. And when she asked him, he denied any knowledge of it. She had to punish him because it was either he was careless and lost them or he is the one who had stolen them. She made the slave kneel down and she slapped him as hard and as brutally as she could till she got her answers.

This mistress caught her husband sexting another girl and she taught him a lesson he will never forget. She went to where he was seated on the couch and she sat on him and she slapped the crap out of him. She told him what he had done and in between trying to explain what he had done and trying to defend himself from the slaps, she rained more hard slaps on his face.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend Lady Chanel were enjoying some time alone when this guy came and disturbed their peace. They did not take it kindly and they gave him a befitting punishment. They undressed him before making him kneel down. They tied his hands behind his back and rendered him helpless. Then they started raining slaps on his face. They slapped him brutally repeatedly and enjoyed his cries of pain.

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