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When she comes home, she notices her home is not clean. She puts the punishment mask on him and binds his hands immediately. When he is in the punishment position, she stands in front of him and starts slapping him. She uses all her strength to slap him and turn his face red as possible. There is no reason for her home not to be clean and she will leave him with a sore and bruised face to remind him of his chores tomorrow.

When Nicolina goes out, she doesn't like to be bothered. One man made the mistake of approaching her and interrupting her drink. Instead of telling him no, she decided to give him a lesson in slapping. She forced him away from her and grabbed his face to put him on his knees. She was happy to slap his face for several minutes, as hard as she could. She loved watching him suffer his humiliation.

When Mistress Rachel and Mistress Genevieve decide to punish their slave, they take him down into the basement. They strip his shirt off and bind his arms to the overhead beams. These beauties that turns slapping his face as hard as they can, telling him how disgusting he is. They enjoy watching his face turn different shades of red under the force of their blows. The harder they slap him, the more they want to slap him.

Yasemin is an extremely intense blonde mistress who loves nothing more than to punish you with brutal faceslapping. She shows her domination over you with hard and repeated slaps to the face and your humiliation is her goal. She is kind enough to explain to you what a loser you are and why she needs to slap you and she will continue to punish you until her arm gets tired.

Mistress BlackDiamond has a loser slave tied to a wall so her and her hot friends can punish him with brutal faceslapping. All three of the hot girls taunt him and humiliate him as they take turns slapping him hard in the face. Every time he tries to escape they slap him harder until he is humiliated and in pain from all the hard slaps from these super hot girls.

Annett is a sadistic blonde hottie who loves to dish out punishment to her slaves. This slave gets a harsh beating as she ties him to a chair and smacks him in the face. She pulls his hair so she can really humiliate him and smacks him hard in the face over and over again. The pain from her faceslapping makes the slave red as he is dominated by this hot blonde.

Hilda likes to dress in a black slip dress and sexy black stockings when she gives her slave a beating. It makes her feel powerful to kick and punch this fat loser to show him what punishment really is. She humiliates him with hard faceslaps giving him a big red face then kicks him hard in the face and completely brutalizes him from every angle until he cries from the pain.

Saphira is one cruel blonde and she shows this slave just how cruel she can be. She lays him out on a table and starts punching him hard in the body and slapping his face. He lies there helpless with a red face and she steps up the punishment by whipping him hard all over his body. She then goes back to slapping and punching her slave like he was a punching bag.

This hot brunette was shopping for shoes and this loser tried to look up her skirt. The hardcore slapping, kicking and punching came next and this guy had no chance. The moment he recovers from one punch, she punches him again. This loser will think twice before trying to sneak a peek in fear of another sadistic brunette beating him up and dominating him again with a barrage of punches and kicks.

The money mistress is really angry! Her pay pig has to give her more cash but he seems to have no more money. She is so upset that she starts to slap him right into his face! He has to knee on the ground and tell her that there is no way to give her more cash - she already has everything from him! But she wants even more and so she takes his credit card and hopes that the limit will not be exceeded... If not she will come back and hit him some more times in his face!

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