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Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to test her faceslapping prowess. So she got a slave and she used him to find out. She slapped the hell out of him and left his face redder, tender and even more painful with each slap. She did not care how he was in pain or that he was begging her to stop. She knew she had found a way to punish and torture her slave. She loved it!

Sonny, Aqua and Meg are mistresses who should not be messed with. They are hot and sexy but they are also cruel and sadistic. They enjoy the pain of others and for those who know them, they are to be avoided at all costs. But lots of people do not know them and that is what they like. This hot guy was one of them. They tied him up and left him defenseless. Then they proceeded to slap the crap out of him.

If there is one thing that Lady Nicole is good at, it is faceslapping. She loves it because the face is tender and is very painful. But she is not your average mistress so she likes to do her thing with her feet as opposed to those mistresses who do it with their hands. That is how good she is and that is why she is feared. She likes to slap her slaves and losers with her feet because she can and because it is more painful.

Candy and JJ are two beautiful and dominating girls who could easily punish this puny slave on their own, but they work together so they can inflict as much punishment as they can without hurting their hands. This slave is new to faceslapping and may never want to do it again after these girls punish him until his face is completely red. They even spin him around raining slaps on him.

This professor might be the dominant one in class but college girls Sibilla and Teodora are the dominant ones behind closed doors. They humiliate their teacher by making him take his shirt off and stand with his arms to his side. They both take turns with brutal faceslapping. Each of the girls uses both of their hands to smack their professor hard as he stops being their teacher and becomes their slave.

When Aurora and Drew are in an accident, the other driver begged them not to call the police. They agreed not to if he became their slave for the next 2 weeks. He agreed and they took him home. When they got him there, they put him on his knees and started to make him pay. They took turns slapping and humiliating him. After 2 weeks, he left with a bruised face and a broken ego.

When Joss and Jenny are called out, they know they have work to do. They are called to a mistress that has been completely overruled by her slave. When they arrived, they stripped him of his shirt and put him on his knees. They put their leather gloves on and began to slap him. They took turns slapping him back into his natural and submissive ways. When they leave, he is back to himself.

When Julie and Angel find Mariah, they feel sorry for her. They want to make her a part of their little circle but she isn't hot enough. Until she gains weight and can issue orders, she is going to be their slap slave. They enjoy slapping her thin and wan face. They love the way she flinches and bruises when they slap her. They laugh as she cries out in pain and begs for mercy. It's a game they will come to love playing.

Teodora and Sibilla love to play games. They love playing a slapping game. They slap a slave until their hands hurt and whoever stops first has to buy dinner. When it's time to play, they call their slave to them. They take their time brutally slapping their slave. They don't care about his feelings or anything. When they finish, they leave him to care for his bruised face while they go out to dinner.

When her slave comes to her with his confession, she knows that she has to punish him. She puts his mask on and strips him. He has his hands tied behind his back before the torture begins. She is happy to make him suck the heel of her shoe before stomping on his balls with her bare feet. She smacked his face with her foot and made him lick the sweat off the soles of her feet.

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