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Yasemin is an extremely intense blonde mistress who loves nothing more than to punish you with brutal faceslapping. She shows her domination over you with hard and repeated slaps to the face and your humiliation is her goal. She is kind enough to explain to you what a loser you are and why she needs to slap you and she will continue to punish you until her arm gets tired.

Black Lucy is in a sexy red outfit because she wants to look good when she slaps the shit out of her white boy slave. She makes him keep his hands behind his back so she can smack him hard in the face with no way for him to defend himself. She loves to dish out this humiliating and painful punishment with a smile on her face because she loves domination.

Come here you loser slave. You must take a brutal faceslapping from hot dominating slut Iveta. She asks you to come closer and, as you lean in, she brutally slaps your face. She puts on some vinyl gloves but not before she smacks you with those too. When the gloves are on, she hits you with even harder faceslaps until you are completely humiliated. You are her helpless slave and you will stay that way.

Hot and sexy high school girls Gia and Teodora catch the janitor peeking into the room to watch them undress. They pull his shirt down so he can't escape and begin with brutal faceslaps. He just stands there as these two hot brunette schoolgirls pummel him with continuous faceslaps until his loser face turns red. This humiliation is a lesson to him to not spy on them or he will get more slaps.

Dominating blonde Claudia is here for your punishment and she is not leaving until your face is as red as her skirt. She backhands you for extra humiliation then continues brutal faceslapping that is so painful that your head rings. You are helpless against her faceslapping because she is the dominant one and you are just a slave who is good for nothing but punishment to take out her frustrations.

Three sexy and dominant sluts in tight black catsuits chain their slave and put him through a world of punishment. They each take turns with some painful faceslapping. There is no escape for this loser slave as his face and neck get more and more red from the constant barrage of slaps from these sadistic sluts. Emily, Eileen and the new girl Sibilia get off on the humiliation of their slave.

Mistress Mara is a great mistress! She has a lot of experience and she exactly knows how to treat a slave! At the beginning she steps on his hands and pierces her high heels deep into his flesh. But this punishment isn't enough for her. She also orders him to go down on his knees and kiss her cruel tools of punishment! He does as good as he can but Mara still likes to punish him even more - and so she starts to slap his face from time to time!

This slave is so disgusting! We don't like him and we are willing to show him! He is bound on a chair and cannot move anymore. He believes he is a tough guy or someone important - but we show him that he is nothing more than a loser! We verbally humiliate him and hit his face again and again with our hands! I'm sure this way we taught him a lesson he will never forget...!

Mistress Rebecca is really awesome! And she is back to punish guys and to send them into her dark world of cruelty, brutality, humiliation and degradation. It is really unbelievable what she does whit men! She slaps their faces, she kicks into their balls, she tramples them, she verbally abuses them and lot of more things. You rarely see such a cruel beauty! This slave believes that he is nothing more like a filthy piece of rag covered with dirt and spit!

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