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Madame Marissa wanted her slave to do what she had told him. But she knew he had a problem following instructions. She punished him so that he would be able to follow all her instructions. She slapped him hard and humiliated him a great deal. When she was done slapping him, she forced him to open his mouth and she spat into it and she made him swallow her spit.

Mistress Joss and Misty had a bone to pick with this loser. He had lied to them and they had lost money because of his lie. They wanted him to make it alright by giving them back the money they lost because of his lie. He did not agree so they slapped him hard and punished him to make him give them the money and by the time they were done with him, he did.

This mistress is no nonsense and likes things that way. She does not take crap even from her own man. Today her man messed up by forgetting to pay the mortgage and she slapped him hard. She did not want him to ever forget something as important as that and she made sure he would not by slapping him brutally. He was tied to the chair and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress Gaia likes to let her slave make several mistakes so that she can punish him in one go. Today was the day she was going to punish him and she did so painfully and cruelly. She tied him into a latex bodybag and she made sure he was defenseless. She then slapped him brutally as she sat on his chest. He could not do anything and had to brave the painful slaps.

There are few mistresses who can give a punishment as good as this mistress can. Mistress Gaia is talented in slave punishment and it showed as she punished this slave. She undressed him before she tied his hands to his back. She then slapped him hard and used her high heels to torture him by trampling and crushing him. Before she was done with him, she also made him lick her heels.

Miss Betty loves to slap slaves. It is her favorite punishment and she prefers it to any other punishment. She enjoys how she leaves slaves with red marks on their faces and how they wince in pain as she lands hard and painful slaps on their faces. Today she did it in the woods because she did not want anyone to hear her slave's cries of pain. She also spat on him.

This mistress caught her husband sexting another girl and she taught him a lesson he will never forget. She went to where he was seated on the couch and she sat on him and she slapped the crap out of him. She told him what he had done and in between trying to explain what he had done and trying to defend himself from the slaps, she rained more hard slaps on his face.

Mistress Gaia and her friend caught this guy trying to con people. They hate people who do not make an honest living and they could not let it slide. They tricked him into following them back to their place and on reaching there, the mistresses unleashed hell. They tied him up and made him wear a sack cloth. Then they slapped him as hard as they could and made him regret what he had done.

Mistresses Joss and Meg are friends and they found out that this guy was trying to seduce them. They were pissed and plotted to punish him. Mistress Meg called him to her house where he went and found Joss there. They did not give him time to recover as they took him to the bedroom and slapped him painfully and brutally. He learned his lesson never to try and play people especially friends.

Mistress Gaia was practicing for an upcoming slapping competition and she wanted to win it. She went and got herself a slave who she enjoyed slapping as hard as she could. She tied him up so that he could offer as little resistance as possible. Then she descended on his face with her brutal hard slaps and left him in a lot of pain as well as with his face all red.

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