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Hilda is a really nice goddess. She looks very sweet and beautiful but she also can be a very cruel girl! Her slave has to find out soon... She brings him to the ground and sits down on his chest. He cannot move anymore now and Hilda starts to slap his face! He hits his left and his right cheek and also uses both of her hands. But slapping isn't the only thing she does - from time to time she starts to punch him with full power in his face too!

Mistress Mara is a great mistress! She has a lot of experience and she exactly knows how to treat a slave! At the beginning she steps on his hands and pierces her high heels deep into his flesh. But this punishment isn't enough for her. She also orders him to go down on his knees and kiss her cruel tools of punishment! He does as good as he can but Mara still likes to punish him even more - and so she starts to slap his face from time to time!

Miss Atrax has invited her friends to visit her in the classroom. She wants to show them what you can do with men! All men are stupid! They never use their brain and always think with their dick and you can use them whenever you want! Women are born to dominate men! You only need to know what you have to do. A good way to teach them that they have to do whatever you want is to slap their face! So they know that you have no respect - and of course it hurts really bad!

This slave is so disgusting! We don't like him and we are willing to show him! He is bound on a chair and cannot move anymore. He believes he is a tough guy or someone important - but we show him that he is nothing more than a loser! We verbally humiliate him and hit his face again and again with our hands! I'm sure this way we taught him a lesson he will never forget...!

This guy is really pathetic! He tried to teach us some boring stuff. But then he had to find out that WE can teach him much more! So he "asked" us to show him some really interesting lectures. And because we are so nice girls we offered him to do so. Of course a whip and lot of pain is included! And a lot of face slapping too! Do you want a lesson too...!?

Alysha already has caught Santa Claus last time. He treated him like shit because he hoped to get some nice presents but he brought her nothing and told her that she was a bad girl. She was so upset that she humiliated him as much as possible. Now she continues her punishment and brings him to his limits! She slaps his face very hard and spits on him. He is such a jerk and she is willed to show him her disgrace!

Mandy is a really cruel and sadistic lady. She is a store manager in a local shoe and fashion store. And she knows what to do with lazy employees! This one seems to be very lazy and also a foot fetishist. She decides to show him immediately that this cannot be tolerated. With her hands she hits him in his face, again and again. She also uses a whip and humiliates him verbally!

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