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Drew is a nice mistress. She normally doesn't allow her temper to get the best of her but she lost her temper this time. When her slave broke a major rule, she took him to the patio to punish him. She put him on his knees and slapped him. She continued to slap him until her hand started to hurt. She enjoyed watching his face bruise and she still wasn't finished. She slapped him until she wasn't angry anymore.

Goddess Amyleen Moore knows that she shouldn't enjoy hurting her slave so much but she does. She loves putting him to his knees and covering his pathetic face with a mask. When she does that she makes him suck her cock like he would want his sucked. If he doesn't deep throat her, she slaps his face brutally and tells him how much of a pussy he really is. She loves fucking his mouth when he obviously doesn't like to do it.

Gia loves slapping people. She always looks for the smallest reason to beat up someone and this guy was unlucky to be chosen. She made him lick her boots before slapping him hard and painfully

These mistresses were in their sexy attire. And it was around christmas time. They lured one santa who thought he would have some christmas fun with them but they ended up beating him and slapping him mercilessly

Teodora, Stacey and Emily went to the gym and instead of practicing, they started to humiliate and beat up other people. They slapped them knowing that they were good at fighting and would beat the crap out of them if they retalliated

Fradjya enjoys knowing where her slaves go when they disappear from her servitude. When her slave doesn't come back when she calls for him, she pays him a visit. Instead of asking why he didn't return, she kicks him to his knees and starts slapping him. When her hand starts to hurt, she kicks him again and starts whipping him with a cat o nine tails. She wants to show him that he is not to disobey her again.

When Mistress Rachel and Mistress Genevieve decide to punish their slave, they take him down into the basement. They strip his shirt off and bind his arms to the overhead beams. These beauties that turns slapping his face as hard as they can, telling him how disgusting he is. They enjoy watching his face turn different shades of red under the force of their blows. The harder they slap him, the more they want to slap him.

These two women put together are very brutal and they love to slap their slaves. They normally do not have so much fun slapping a slave, but this particular slave is very pathetic and he is a total pig. Slapping him in the face and telling him what a loser he is is totally gratifying to the women and they can't wait to do it next time.

A slave named Shorty is going to find out that two women are not going to put up with any of his shit. As a matter of fact they are going to take great pride in hurting him every way possible, including sitting on his chest holding him down as they each take turns slapping him in the face over and over again. Shorty is learning a valuable lesson.

Most would assume that this really pretty quiet lady would not be sadistic, but they have no idea that she is one of the most fierce women imaginable. She loves to take her cute little looks and make them into a huge nightmare for her slaves. She also slaps harder than most would imagine, and she loves the fact that she is able to make her slaves very terrified of her.

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