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Sibilla is a great mistress that can do almost anything to her slaves. She is going to have a great time making sure her slave is brutalized. Her slave has always been this idiot and her lawyer in real life, but when he loses a case - she is going to be livid. pissed off. Sibilla will beat the shit out of her slave and make him pay.

Saphira and Jenny are two mistresses that love to face slap. They are going to really slap the hell out of a slave boy that has been on their nerves for quite some time. These two mistresses can really get going, and slapping is just the tip of the iceberg for them. The slave has no choice but to endure the slapping and humiliation from them.

Mistress Black Diamond and Lady Mistique are two mistresses that love to slap the shit out of slaves. They have always had a good time making sure a slave is slapped, and they are going to be sure the slave they have is handled well. These mistresses are going to really get down and dirty when it comes to slapping a slave well and making him cry.

Hot and sexy high school girls Gia and Teodora catch the janitor peeking into the room to watch them undress. They pull his shirt down so he can't escape and begin with brutal faceslaps. He just stands there as these two hot brunette schoolgirls pummel him with continuous faceslaps until his loser face turns red. This humiliation is a lesson to him to not spy on them or he will get more slaps.

Sibilia and Emily are hot and sexy in their tight black outfits, but they send fear through the heart of this loser slave because he has to take their punishment. They handcuff his hands behind his back so he is defenseless and begin the cruel faceslapping. They yell insults at him and humiliate him as they continue to slap him hard in the face. These girls are very sadistic mistresses.

Three sexy and dominant sluts in tight black catsuits chain their slave and put him through a world of punishment. They each take turns with some painful faceslapping. There is no escape for this loser slave as his face and neck get more and more red from the constant barrage of slaps from these sadistic sluts. Emily, Eileen and the new girl Sibilia get off on the humiliation of their slave.

Fernanda is a hot blooded girl so you better try that you won't upset her! She is a sexy and cute schoolgirl though but you have to try hard to catch her attraction. This time you have failed poorly! She is so upset that she wants to do only one thing: To slap your face and punch you until your face turns red! But her hands are not the only weapons she likes to use: she also takes her ballerinas to slap your face!

Hilda is a really nice goddess. She looks very sweet and beautiful but she also can be a very cruel girl! Her slave has to find out soon... She brings him to the ground and sits down on his chest. He cannot move anymore now and Hilda starts to slap his face! He hits his left and his right cheek and also uses both of her hands. But slapping isn't the only thing she does - from time to time she starts to punch him with full power in his face too!

It is such a nice day! And mistress Alyae is also nice - and beautiful! But her slave cannot enjoy the perfect weather! Mistress Alyae has something special in her mind... She wants to torture him a little bit. She let's him smell and kiss her feet. But she doesn't want him to take care of her feet only! She also wants to slap him! There is no particular reason - she wants to have some fun!

You like face slapping? Are you really sure...? I don't think so! This will be very painful for you! Me and my cruel friend will show you a really tough face slapping session. This experience will let your face feel like it burns even after some days! And together it will also makes your dick hard... One more reason to slap you one more time! So take THIS *slap* and that *slap* and...

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