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Mistress Natasha enjoys it when other people are in pain. She had not inflicted pain on anyone in a while and she felt like doing it today. She did this by humiliating this loser using her faceslapping fetish. She found fault with what he had done and she used it as a reason to facebust him. She even slapped him with the sole of her high heel before making him lick her feet.

Mistress Natasha found that her boyfriend had been talking to his ex. She did not care what they were talking about. She did not like that he had done and she had to show him she did not like it. She did this cruelly by faceslapping him without knowing under what context they were talking. She forced him to lick her shoes and she also used them to slap him and told him never to do it again.

When Mistress Natasha found her new slave longing for his former mistress, she knew she had to get him in hand. She put on her punishment clothing and called him to her. She spit on the bottom of her severe shoes, making him lick it up. She then used the sole of her shoe to slap him into submission. She doesn't want to leave him in any question about who he belongs to now.

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